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Credit card tips to help you retire!

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

While extremely convenient, credit cards can be a very costly consumer product. Most people do not realize how expensive carrying a credit card in your wallet can be. Each year many big-spending credit card consumers will throw hundreds or even thousands of dollars out the window using credit cards. Even if you are not a big credit card spender, anyone can save hundreds of dollars each year with these 4 credit card tips.

Never Pay the Minimum Payment

Your credit card company usually makes sure you know that there is a minimum payment. Even if you owe thousands of dollars, your minimum payment can seem extremely low, sometimes only 3% of your total balance. However, what the credit card companies do not tell you is that if you have a large balance and only pay the minimum payment for the next few years you could cost yourself thousands of dollars in interest costs alone. In fact, that purchase from your local establishment for $50, over time will double. To avoid paying interest only and never really touching the principle, make sure you always pay more than just the minimum payment.

Transfer Your Balance to a Lower Interest Credit Card

Most Americans receive several credit card offers each month and most have some very enticing interest rate offers. For instance, many credit card offers will transfer your existing high-interest rate credit card balances for free, to the new card and allow you to choose either zero percent interest for 6 months or a very low interest rate for a specific period of time. If you have a high balance in which you pay hundreds of dollars each year on interest payments, in many cases it is in your best interest to accept these offers and enjoy zero or low interest for the next 6 months to a year. But remember, having many credit cards will lower your credit score. So, cut up and send back the old cards.

Use a Debit Card Instead of a Credit Card

It is not a surprise that we use credit cards out of habit. But why use something that is so expensive when we have no need to do so. We can easily pay for that meal or fill up our car with gas with our debit card and not pay any interest. Debit cards are just as convenient as credit cards and usually accepted everywhere credit is. Use your debit card to avoid high-interest fees in the long run and you can liter