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home energy savings!

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

We are blessed with the discovery and proper utilization of energy. There are several sources of energy that make our living easier. Energy lights up our home every night, keeps us warm during the cold Winter, keeps us cool in the Summer, allows us to be entertained, and makes our living pleasant no matter what time of day or night. And with all of our uses of energy, from the moment we check our clocks in the morning, to the moment we lay our weary heads to rest at night, all of us would agree that it would be hard to live without it.

So, if coping with electric and gas bills is your monthly nemesis here are some ways to lower those bills and reduce your monthly stress:

Turn your home into a smart home:

Today, technology can do amazing things. You can automate the energy efficiency of your entire home through software and mobile apps. You can purchase energy-efficient lights for all of the lighting fixtures in your home, that can be connected to your smartphone to schedule them to go off and on at any time, from anywhere in the world. The same is true for your thermostats that control the temperatures of your home and business. You can set the temperature on a schedule to go down when you leave for work, go up right before you come home, and go down again once everyone is in bed. You can also buy ceiling fans that can also be put on a schedule. They are especially helpful during those in-between seasons where you can turn off the thermostat and just use the ceiling fans.

Put Solar Panels on your roof:

Solar panels have come a long way in the last 15 to 20 years. They are far more efficient and last much longer than they did 20 years ago. The technology has really improved. The average life span for modern panels is about 25 to 30 years. You can supply most of your electrical needs between late Spring and early to Mid-fall with solar panels. And you will reduce the cost of your winter energy bills by a significant amount as well. Remember, the sun is FREE!

Provide a good roof coating or a new layer of shingles:

A good energy-efficient roof coating deflects heat. So, ensuring that the roof receives a good heavy energy-efficient coating or a more energy-efficient layer of shingles would mean ensuring your house will maintain and keep a comfortable temperature on the inside without running up your energy bills.

Keep your attic well insulated, a